Who can be our broker?

A broker acts as the middleman between the customer and the dealership. So if you wish to connect us with the buyer, we will consider you one of our brokers! As a certified Vroom Broker, you will access our exclusive login portals for brokers (coming soon), allowing you to make quotation and access auction reports to let your customers have peace of mind. 

Why become a Vroom Broker?

Lowest car price in the market

At Vroom, we believe in having the best prices for our customers. What will this mean for our brokers? We allow brokers to earn the difference between the price we have and the necessary charges but still have a lower price than other dealerships in the markets. Hence, your customers don't feel ripped off as they pay for a reasonably priced product even with a broker. 

Reputable Supplier

Most of our cars are from World Windows Corporation Japan, a 100% subsidiary company of Zero Ltd. Co. Their parent company, Zero Ltd. Co., is a listed company on Tokyo Stock Exchange. With this reputable and reliable supplier, you can assure the cars we source are of high quality, which saves you the hassle of sourcing a quality car for the customer while still pricing the customer reasonably. 

Untampered Auction Reports

At Vroom, we uphold the highest standards of integrity and honesty. We do not tamper with any of the Auction Reports we received as we believe the consumer is entitled to know about their vehicle's actual condition. Providing reliability on our brokers and selling with Vroom will mean selling with utmost honesty and sincerity. 

Easy Documentation Process

We understand sometimes the documentation can be complicated when dealing on behalf of the customer. At Vroom, we help you with all the documentation process and keep you updated on every step of the selling process saving the hassle of doing the documentation yourself.

Wide Connection of Panel Bank

We have an extensive connection with banks, ensuring your customer will get the most significant chance of financing a loan with a low interest rate for the vehicle. We will also assist in maximising the opportunity for the deal to fall through. 

Get Money Fast

At Vroom, we will transfer the necessary broker fee even before the bank has disbursed the amount (T&C applied).