Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a Car (7)

Our showrooms are open daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. To avoid disappointment, we encourage our customers to make an appointment before visiting us, but walk-in customers are always welcome.

To book an appointment, you may WhatsApp us your preferred cars, date, and time and we will arrange the necessaries.

Yes. Every customer is entitled to make a sound decision before purchasing a car. Unless otherwise noted, every car you see online has a specific location and can view in person before buying.

All used cars in Japan undergo an extensive inspection before a car auction begins. Auction report is the overall assessment of a car produced by a licensed inspector hired by auction houses.

For an inspector to grade a car, all cars will undergo a full mechanical inspection, including the odometer, interior, and exterior parts of the vehicle, and graded based on a set of standards. Aside from the grade, the auction report also displays the inspector’s explanation for the grades awarded to the car, along with a grade for its overall condition.

At Vroom, we display our cars’ auction report online free of charge and we also offer three assurances that every car you see online:

  • are unedited auction report;
  • has not been in a major accident; and
  • has not been through a flood.

But we do not guarantee error-free auction reports as minor mistakes (e.g. missed out a stone chip on the front bumper) may still occur during an inspection.

Some cars you see online have not gone through an auction house, therefore no assessment was done.

At Vroom, we still offer two assurances that every car you see online (without an auction report):

  • has not been in a major accident; and
  • has not been through a flood.

To get to know your car in detail, we recommend sending the car to an independent third-party workshop for inspection. The inspection fee will be borne by the customer.

Most of the cars we sourced are never sold to you “as-is”, but to preserve the authenticity of the car with respect to the auction report, we will touch-up/repair any flaws before delivery of the car.

Yes. Please contact us via WhatsApp for more information. In certain cases, you may be required to bring your car to our showroom and we will perform an appraisal.

In general, when any one is planning to sell their cars, everyone is hoping to get the highest price. Likewise, in Japan, owners send their cars to multiple auction houses for online bidding, hoping to fetch the highest price.

As a result, each auction house has different inspectors to assess the car, and each inspector will have a different way of grading the same car.


Scenario #1

Auction House ABC assessed Mr Tatsuya's Toyota Vellfire with Grade 4, but the owner found the final bid price below his expectation and decided not to sell.

He sends his car for a touch-up (e.g. remove a dent, car wash/vacuum). After the touch-up, Auction House XYZ assessed his car with Grade 4.5.


Scenario #2

Mr Yamamoto bought a Lexus RX300T with Grade 5 from Auction House ABC for his personal use in Japan. A year later, Mr Yamamoto decided to sell his car and sent it to Auction House XYZ and assessed it with Grade 4 due to higher mileage, wear & tear and age.


In short, as long a car is sent to an auction house, all auction report (even older versions) will be available online.

At Vroom, we source our cars from Japan based on the latest auction report, and to ensure transparency, we do not tamper and display the exact auction report on our website.

Buying a Car (8)

We do not accept bookings and are strictly based on a first-come, first-serve basis with completion of loan application and complete down payment done within 48 hours.

We will require a copy of your IC and Driver’s License, or SSM business registration if you are purchasing under a company name.

We do accept credit card payments up to RM10,000.

Subject to availability, you may switch to another car for any reason.

We encourage our customers to fulfill full down payment within 48 hours after receiving an approved loan to avoid disappointment.

We aim to offer everyone a stress-free buying experience. Quotations provided (subjected to accurate and correct inputs) are all-inclusive prices. Our experts review and update car prices daily to offer you the most competitive pricing on the market.

Every car you see online is inclusive of tax, with no hidden fees/charges on top of the quotation.

In normal circumstances, we charge a fixed handling fee of RM2,100, regardless of which car you purchase from us. This fee includes payments to PEKEMA, PUSPAKOM, JPJ, and runner’s fee.

We offer five years closed panel warranty. The warranty mainly covers the engine control unit (ECU), engine, gearbox, and steering rack. Please click here for more information.

Financing (4)

  1. For working individuals:
    1. 3 months payslip
    2. IC
    3. Drivers License
  2. For business owners:
    1. 6 months bank statement
    2. SSM business registration
    3. IC
    4. Drivers License

Depending on your case, banks might require additional supporting documents such as employment letter, EPF statement, Income Tax statement etc.

Yes, other than submitting relevant documents to us, we also require customers to place a RM500 loan processing refundable deposit.

Yes, please contact us via WhatsApp for more information.

Yes. Customers have an option to apply for a car loan themselves, please get in touch with our sales advisors so they can assist you with that process.